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The Power of Prevention Education

Rainbow Services’ Prevention and Education program seeks to change societal norms and attitudes regarding domestic violence. Through our educational offerings, we challenge harmful stereotypes and structures that perpetuate domestic violence.

Domestic violence (DV) prevention education plays a critical role in the cessation of future acts of intimate partner violence. More than 1 in 3 women, 1 in 3 men, and 1 in 2 trans or nonbinary people will experience relationship abuse in their lifetime. By increasing the community’s awareness and understanding of this pervasive issue, we can reduce the stigma and silence associated with DV. We strongly believe in the power of education as a prevention tool to create more informed, supportive communities that are better prepared to support to those experiencing domestic violence.


Setting Healthy Boundaries

Our Building Healthy Boundaries presentation aims to increase awareness about teen dating violence while offering solutions and resources to build healthy relationships.

Rainbow seeks to accomplish two goals through our Building Healthy Boundaries prevention program: (1) help youth establish healthy relationships through prevention education and (2) provide youth with meaningful resources and tools so they are equipped to independently address unhealthy relationship behaviors. Integrating evidence-based and best-practices to address domestic violence and teen dating violence, this program delivers life-changing education through practice scenarios, experience sharing, and personal discovery facilitated by professional prevention staff. Blending traditional forms of domestic violence and teen dating violence education, Rainbow’s program includes innovative techniques to educate youth so that they in turn are able to identify early warning signs of abuse, exercise their voice and choice in their relationships, and provide or seek support to safely address abuse in a relationship. 


Building Healthy Relationships

Supporting teens experiencing dating abuse is crucial. Rainbow Services offers educational presentations for caregivers/guardians and adults who work with youth to provide them with information to recognize the early warning signs of dating violence, the knowledge to create safe spaces for teens to receive support, and the resources to safely address abuse


Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)

Presentation provides an overview of the principles of providing Trauma-Informed Care and examples as to how you can integrate TIC into your service delivery.


Domestic Violence 101

Presentation provides a general education about domestic violence, including the dynamics of abuse, impact on the community, connection to homelessness, statistics, and activities such as myth busting.


How to Become an Advocate

Presentation provides an overview of our survivor-centered programs, thought leadership within the field of domestic violence, and resources.

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